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A safe, fun, & healthy place for teens

Please invest in The Warehouse After School Program

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Let's be real; it isn't always easy being a teenager. With school comes the stress and pressure of good grades, peer interactions, and just deciding who you are... or who you want to be. Some days it can feel like nothing is right. The next day can be filled with glorious successes.

The Warehouse After School Program is there for teens (5th - 12th grades) no matter what. We provide a safe place for teens to spend their after school hours. It is a fun atmosphere free from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and weapons where teens can do homework, use the computer lab, play games, get some exercise or let off steam in the gym, or work with a biblical mentor.

Because of your generous support, The Warehouse continues to offer a fun and free after school experience to teens in the Pine River-Backus school district.

The teens of The Warehouse community canknow they are cared for, supported, and encouraged because of you.